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"Calming Water" ‐ Upcycled Vintage Bottle & Gemstone Necklace

"Calming Water" ‐ Upcycled Vintage Bottle & Gemstone Necklace

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Each vintage vial pendant is adorned with an assorted mix of collected, upcycled, and modern beads, charms, and chain.

Necklace length : 30 inches long

This Intentional Mix contains:

  • Kyanite : Clarity, Healing, Protection, Calm, Balance, Tranquility
  • Peridot : Good Health, Restful Sleep, Peacefulness, Compassion, Wealth
  • Quartz : Concentration, Memory, Amplify Energy
  • Rainbow Druzy
  • Beach / Ocean / Sea-Themed Charms


These vintage glass vials were gifted to me by a friend were carefully wire-wrapped and filled with an intentional mix of semi-precious gemstones.

The one-of-a-kind sewn collage envelope that each necklace will arrive in - an original creation created with layers of paint, ink, wax crayon, and handmade paper and other ephemera - was created during meditative creative practice and lovingly enhances the unique nature of each necklace. 

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