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Eye-Spy Clear Cover Sketchbook Series I : Premium Artist-Quality Sketchbook

Eye-Spy Clear Cover Sketchbook Series I : Premium Artist-Quality Sketchbook

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These are handmade Artist-Quality Sketchbooks made using premium artist-grade paper an assortment of cover stock materials. The type of heavy-weight watercolor paper I prefer to use in my own fine art and studio-based art work.


  • View the 2nd product listing for actual paper quality, paper count, and other details specific to this listing. You will receive the actual book shown in this listing!
  • 9 inches tall
  • 6 inches wide
  • Weight of sketch book paper varies by notebook (either a drawing-weight paper or one of 2 types of watercolor weights).
  • Number of blank pages varies per notebook, starting at 25 pages on up to 30-plus pages.


Each spiral bound notebook is unique and hand-made using an assortment of materials, as they become available. Batch editions of various stypes are released on a periodic basis.

The covers and inserts vary with each book - actual vinyl records, record covers, book covers, vintage paper ephemera, or (my fav!) glow-in-the-dark typography and random things like neon green plastic babies and bright or fabric and yarn remnants from the IAP studio - and more!


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